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A blog documenting all the stupid things that straight people say to or ask those people of other sexualities. If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them.
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The extra capital 'A' in 'I've been awAy for a while' is for ally, obviously. (Welcome back!)
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Oh bloody hell.

My first post for a very long time and there’s a typo. Brilliant haha

Soooo… I’ve been awAy for a while….





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1914 called. They want their international politics back.

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you are going to hell sorry
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Im gay but oppose gay marriage. I come to that conclusion on the grounds that anything created by the heters can never work. What do you think?
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A disagree with you, but I understand where you’re are coming from. 

I believe that marriage is profoundly flawed. Personally, I would never even consider approaching the idea of getting married. Ever!

As queer people, we have the marvellous opportunity to create relationships that suit us as individuals without that whole pressure of ‘get married and have children’ that cishets have (that’s totally being squandered btw - but that’s a totally different issue). 

However, there are queer people who do want to get married there are trans people who are already married who have to dissolve their existing marriage, and we should never attempt to impose our ideas of how we want our relationship(s) to look on other people. 

TL;DR I’m a fan of choice! I want to see something that permits us to create relationships that we want. However, don’t shit on those people who want something different!!!

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last night i had a dream about an abba themed restaurant and it was probably your fault
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I like that this is how I influence people!!

Ooooooo, I need to start tagging my stuff so I can find it again.

I’ve literally just seen a post that uses the EXACT SAME WORDS I used when I said it 6 months ago.

I’m happy you like the way is word things, but for the love of god, credit me, you douche.






dear straight people

  1. stop saying the gays
  2. stop saying my gays

dear gay people

1. stop saying straight people

2. we’re all human

YOU JUST SAID “gay people” AND THEN SAID NOT TO SAY “straight people” OH MY GOD



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When a fictional character is identified as gay by their creator but nothing in the source material explicitly reveals the character’s sexuality.

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An “egalitarian” is someone who, realizing that a scale is imbalanced because there are six pounds on one side and twelve on the other, seeks to correct the imbalance by adding six pounds to both sides.

well that was the best damn explanation I’ve seen. 

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Seeing all these posts explaining what addiction feels like from people who haven’t had so much of a caffeine addiction is making me feel rather uneasy. 



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What do you think of demisexuality?
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What do you think of blue?

This is not an answerable question. 

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Please dont go fucking ape shit on me i'm just confused. Are you saying that it's ok for gay people to call people gay but not for straight people and you know the other way around? Please dont get angry, i'm not trying to be an asshole i promise
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No… not at all…..?????