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A blog documenting all the stupid things that straight people say to or ask those people of other sexualities. If you have any suggestions, feel free to submit them.
Asker emiello Asks:
In response to the pansexual, I feel it actually is wrong of them to think that. If a cisgirl who has only ever been with men says she's bi, it's not for anyone to erase her identity. People who use the excuse "they're pretending" really mean "they don't tick all the boxes I think they should" and are label policing. Stop it.
shutthefuckupstraightpeople shutthefuckupstraightpeople Said:

I don’t think that is what they meant. 

We all know (at least I woud hope that we would all know) that you don’t need to have had actual sexual contact with someone of a particular gender to know whether you have a potential attraction to a particular gender. 

I think they were talking about those people who are heterosexual, by their own admission, and pretend to be queer for a short space of time for a specific reason. Personally, I’ve seen people do it to try to get into a queer bar and I’ve seen people do it ‘because it’ll totes to way funny if we pretend to be togeva lolzzzzz’. (At least that’s how I read it). 

  1. genderbutt said: I have a friend who pretends to be with friends (regardless of gender) in order to get couples’ discounts. It actually doesn’t bother me though. And I’ve never been at a queer bar that actually tried to keep out the heteros.
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